How can I move country and get on with the job?

Often this means moving to a new country without even knowing the language.  It may also entail moving your family as well as your pets. We need as much information as possible in order to explain the implications, plan and meet your requirements.

 Preliminary discussions take place in order to plan and schedule.  This is usually followed by:

            – arranging appointments for visits and viewings

            – organising country briefings

            – orientation tours

Once a decision has been taken, other elements may come into the equation, such as:

            – finding schools, if there are children

            – arranging for your pet/s to travel on the Passport for Pet Scheme.

            –  becoming a member of a club and getting to know the locals as well as expats.


Once the above initial stage is under way and some decisions are taken, other services develop according to the client’s needs.  Eurobridge allocates a PA to help you throughout your move.

Key Benefits

bullet Having your local mentor
bullet Solving your problems
bullet Having assistance when you move in and move out.


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Capability 3
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