Public Relations

Who can assist me and my company in this new venture?

Whether you are trying to sell a service or a product, we share your interests and are there to assist you achieve your goals.

This may be for:
– representing you at trade fairs thus minimising your travel and accommodation costs

          –   arranging visits for you or for groups from your organisation to businesses, centres or factories         

– representing your business on your behalf
– liaising for you

           – producing promotional material, for example press releases, leaflets, web page text

having a pan European help desk for you.

Key Benefits

bullet Take on the challenge
bullet  Reach the right audience
bullet Convey the message at local level


Capability 1
Capability 2
Local knowledge
Capability 3
Customised approach


 Planning and schedules are discussed in advance in order to make sure the right contacts are made.     

The person appointed by Eurobridge is there to plan with you and pave the way accordingly.