Interim Management

How can I and my company manage the interim period before setting up a permanent overseas office?

Perhaps you do not wish to immediately incur the costs of moving or hiring staff for this new venture. What you need is an experienced person at executive level with a managerial background who is also your mentor and guide to assist you transfer the know-how across frontiers.

An interim manager can be used to manage or co-ordinate a project, manage a new situation on an interim basis, give support and be flexible without being involved in the company politics or have any hidden political agenda . He or she can be used full time or part time for as long as you need.

Key Benefits

bullet To act on your behalf
bullet To act in your best interest
bullet To be able to communicate according to local rules and customs


Capability 1
Capability 2
Capability 3
Local awareness
Your interim manager can be ‘virtual’, on site or even both. 

           His/her qualities:

           A highly qualified, versatile and talented business aid with excellent presentation and communication skills,  backed by experience and a successful track record, and who can:

          – work as a team leader, or in a team

          – be organised

          – use initiative

         – provide solutions  

Updates and reports by phone and e-mail will be sent on a regular basis.