Doing Business Abroad


How can my company attempt the challenge?

By obtaining inside information through the assistance of a local expatriate mentor who has the battle scars of real business. That is why we can help you avoid certain pitfalls and guide you towards achieving your goals.

Your mentor will meet with you to learn about your business, understand your needs and find solutions to suit you. You will be assisted right from start to finish offering a high quality tailor-made service. We are there to help you achieve the results you really want.

Eurobridge also has experience working with charities and non-profit organisations on projects.

Even if the service you want is not listed, discuss your problem with us and Eurobridge can direct you towards a solution. Problem solving is our goal.

This could mean:

– finding  initial contacts or dealing with existing ones as a local

– setting up appointments meetings, venues, accommodation

–  arranging transport

– having a ‘virtual’ or on site PA/Manager who is flexible

– arranging for phone and IT support

– designing and supporting a database for your new needs

– representing you locally at trade fairs cutting down on travel costs

– assist businesses to relocate know-how within the listed geographical areas.


Key Benefits

To move across frontiers
Work locally


Capability 1
Capability 2
Transfer know-how
Capability 3
Cost effectiveness