International Services


Too much to do and you do not know from where to start?

Eurobridge offers the optimum across frontier services to enable you to operate internationally in the local environment at your own pace.

We are European communications and relocation consultants who know from personal experience the drawbacks of not being able to speak the language and understand  the local customs, whether this be at a personal or business level.

Our services are flexible, efficient, cost-effective, time saving and tailored to your requirements. We empathise with you every step of the way.

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Doing Business abroad

We support our clients who are setting up and moving into unknown territory, unaware of local customs and related problems yet we are able to keep within reasonable costs. We can offer advice and provide your business with professional and flexible support as well as a ‘virtual’ back office.

Interim Management

Filling temporary management gaps is our trademark. We have office facilities in our specialist countries located in FRANCE (in particular Paris and surrounding area), ITALY (in particular Rome and surrounding area) and the UK.

Market Research Surveys

Market research surveys, conducting interviews and gathering commercial information in all our specialist languages plus offering general business advice.

Cross Cultural Training

These country briefings are designed for people going abroad either on business or on holiday to help gain familiarity with specific aspects of the target country.


We speak your language and can help you:

– find what you are looking for your business and family

– arrange appointments for visits and viewings

– help you move in or move out